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Afghanistan New President : Who is He? History and Relation to Taliban

 Afghanistan New President : Who is He? History and Relation to Taliban

The situation in Afghanistan is out of control. The Afghan president will leave the country in a few hours. Because of the forces , they attacked the Afghan capital, where Kabul is located. On Sunday, the rebels laid siege to Kabul. For this, the collapse of the Afghan government was guaranteed. Now everyone is looking for who will be the new president of Afghanistan? Rebel grouping rules have been improved in the country.

Afghanistan New President

Thus, the group's directives have been implemented for the first time in 20 years. As a result, President Ashraf Ghani and his cabinet members fled the country. However, Taliban fighters took over Kabul. So people have a lot of problems with this behavior.

Now the country's new rulers are also targeting the Afghan people. This is why air transport programs for Western diplomats, Afghanistan and civilians have tried to help them. The president did his best, but when he left, the media called him a coward. If you want to know more about the current situation, read the full article.

Who will be Afghanistan New President

The world is now looking for the next president of Afghanistan. Mullah Baradar may become the next president of the country. Who was one of the founders of the Taliban? Ashraf Ghani, by contrast, said nothing about his political career.

We are here to share all the details about the latest updates in Afghanistan. The Afghan police also left. Therefore, the Taliban must maintain public order in the country. The underground security forces were also demoralized as Taliban fighters took over most of the country in a matter of days. 

At first, the Taliban said they would not enter the Afghan capital. provided. But they changed their plans. Afghanistan has undergone major changes today following the Taliban invasion of Kabul. They also released a recent statement saying that top leaders like the Islamic Emirate have asked the mujahideen to take control of abandoned areas in order to prevent looting and chaos in the country.

Afghanistan New President Relation with Taliban

Most importantly, the fighter did not bother civilians or soldiers at home. Because of this, many Afghans trying to escape with US troops have been forced to try to control the situation in their evacuation efforts. These conditions made the weather strange when Taliban fighters mingled with Afghan troops in military uniform.

After Taliban fighters launched an attack, the main road to Kabul airport was filled with Afghans. In 2001, the Taliban were separated from Afghanistan because they came to power. A separate program is carried out primarily by the US military. However, they have been pursued by various Taliban factions for several months now. This is why they regained their strength.

In 2018, the Taliban group had to speak directly with the United States. Then, in 2020, the Taliban and Afghanistan are to sign a peace treaty in the city of Doha. The agreement stipulates that the United States must withdraw its troops. In addition, the Taliban will no longer attack US forces. But now everything on the side of the Taliban has changed. This year, they continue to attack the people of Afghanistan and their security forces. 

We all know thatTaliban came to power to rule Afghanistan. Therefore, there must be strict laws for people. Movies, television and music are also considered prohibited. They violate all cultures and human rights. In addition, girls over the age of 10 cannot continue their education. Women are required to wear a burqa with all kinds of upholstery. Men are also legally required to grow beards.

All this now needs to be imposed on the Afghans. Because it follows Sharia law. Because of the Taliban, the situation in Afghanistan will soon become more difficult. 

A few days ago, US President Joe Biden announced that the United States was preparing for the complete withdrawal of troops on September 11th. The war in Afghanistan has been going on for 20 years. And now the militants have taken over most of Afghanistan. They also arrived today outside Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

Who is Afghanistan Next President ?

Here we have shared what you need to know. 

🔹 US President Joe Biden ordered an additional 1,000 troops to Afghanistan. 

🔹 To end the instability in Afghanistan, Afghan President Ghani also left the government under Taliban pressure. 

🔹 There will be no progress, the Kabulis are awaiting the resignation of the Taliban, and the situation is dire. 

🔹 China also maintains good relations with the Taliban, as the main center of Islamic extremism is in Afghanistan.

🔹 The city collapsed in fear as the Taliban set targets for Kabul. 

🔹 He also said that this is a story about a misjudgment by the US government, exacerbated by the lack of an exit plan. 

🔹 But the Canadian government has promised to help Afghanistan. Since many people become refugees, the country needs to be evacuated. So, according to the latest data, the number of seats is 20 thousand. 

🔹 However, the situation in Afghanistan is controlled by the Taliban. And people are also worried about the future of this country.

The situation is very bad now because robbers, thieves and marauders of all stripes are trying to steal things from people trying to escape in cars. Before Kabul, Taliban forces occupied Jalalabad province. All the cities in the east were under the control of the rebels.

 Meanwhile, the US President said the Afghans are doing this to ensure security. But he screwed up there. I hope Afghans are alive and harmless. However, Afghans face challenges in life.

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