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Meet DNP3, the Founder of CluCoin and Gridcraft.

DNP3 is the computer engineer, gamer, and a self-proclaimed ‘giveaway.’ He continues to give items and money away on his platforms, and people love it.

He is approaching 625,000 followers on Twitter. If one doesn’t know who he is, he is the founder of Gridcraft. Gridcraft, where one can earn real prizes and compete in cash events, it’s also a futuristic Minecraft server.

DNP3 has tweeted to his audience about a new cryptocurrency he is launching. It is similar toBitCoin or DogeCoin. DNP3’s crypto is called CluCoin. Cryptocurrency is in its infancy in several ways and remains confusing to the general audience. CluCoin is like many of DNP3’s projects focused on helping people. Every time someone sells their CluCoin, the company saves money to contribute to charity, allowing users to benefit financially while donating to others in need. Shareholders also help when people sell, incentivizing them to hold on to their coins as long as possible and reap the investment points.CluCoin aligns with what DNP3 aims to do with its streams: creating a community while being charitable to others. Not only has DNP3 proven to be generous with money, but he is also open about giving his time to his community. He works few jobs; that’s no small feat. DNP3 sat with the “Brand Risk” podcast to discuss his experiences online and revealed that he has many jobs. According to DNP3, he is in the Air National Guard, runs a cyber security and data science team, and finds time to teach computer skills to others. 

DNP3 has also founded Grid Stream Team, a streaming collective playing various games. All the streamers appear to focus on growing their audiences while fostering positivity in online gaming. To learn about him, follow him on Twitter @DNPthree.

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