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Meet Greg Osuri, making his name prominent in the world of cloud computing

He serves as the founder of Akash Network, an infrastructure that powers Web3.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we see the continuous growth and development of various industries across the world. This has been possible due to several factors and reasons, among which, one is the rise of technological advances and other of course, is the emergence of modern-day innovators and creators, whose ideas and visions bring glory and growth to their respective industries in ways more than one. Making a prominent difference in the world of technology today is something a few geniuses have been able to do, among which we were thrilled to know about Greg Osuri. This passionate man and tech lover based in San Francisco, the US, has surrendered to his goals in the technological and the digital financial industry and now looks unstoppable in his endeavours.

Greg Osuri is the man behind Akash Network and the token $AKT. He is the co-founder and CEO of Akash Network, through which he has been transforming the future of cloud computing. Explaining more about cloud computing for the unversed, Greg Osuri says that cloud computing is all about delivering of computing services, which includes databases, storage, servers, software, analytics, networking, and intelligence, over the internet, i.e., the cloud to offer flexible resources, economies of scale and faster innovation. This offers convenience and efficiency as people only have to pay for the cloud services they use, which lowers their operating costs and helps in running their infrastructure more efficiently and scaling their business.

Greg Osuri highlights that Akash Network, since the time it was incepted in 2018, has been growing as a peer-to-peer marketplace to buy and sell cloud computing resources and deployment platform optimized for heavily distributed applications, growing as an Overclock Labs Venture. His venture has so far powered so many dApps and some of which are currently live in the Defi, NFT, and gaming and Media space.

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