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Motivation for women across India- Dhvani Shailesh Patel:

In today’s generation, the general consensus is that women should have the opportunity as well as the ability to do whatever they please and stand as equals to the other gender.

Although many advocate for such equality the real situation is one that often defers from the above. Fortunately, there are many women around the globe who are standing up for themselves and setting an example for others who also have to face such marginalization. Today we introduce one such individual by the name of Dr Dhvani Shailesh Patel. Dhvani is known to us as a multi-talented personality who has put both her beauty and her brains to use. While on one hand Dhvani is a renowned professional model and actress, on the other hand, she also has a doctorate in medicine and a Bachelor’s Degree in Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery.

For those who are sceptical of her success, it is important to clarify that Dhvani did not have any special advantages to her life. Indeed, she comes from a very simple background having been born and brought up in Bardoli, a town in Gujarat. Yet the difference lies in how Dhvani has always treated her hobbies of singing and dancing, improving in them side by side with her studies. Dhvani always wanted to be an independent woman and this is what encouraged her to put her best foot forward so that she would be able to pursue any and all career paths she wanted rather than limit herself. Dhvani went on to complete her BAMS from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. While that is a difficult degree in itself Dhvani took it one step further by establishing herself in the international modelling scene. Dhvani has already found success as the winner of Glamup Fashion Walk India 2022 and is also a finalist for Miss India International 2022.

Today Dhvani Shailesh Patel is an inspiration for all members of society and has been helping people change the way they look at women who are their own breadwinners. Moreover, she has also done a lot for the world of modelling and has done her nation proud by representing India on a global platform. Even though she has achieved so much Dhvani still believes that she has a long way to go and wishes to one day become a household name across the world. We wish her the best on this journey and look forward to her future accomplishments.

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