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Bored Ape Community joining the NFT Collection Billy Bunny

Billy Bunny is a relatively new addition to the Web3 world. Billy Bunny is a brand-new NFT line. Four thousand and ninety-nine different bunnies are on the lookout for Billy Bunnies. Billy Bunnies are well-known rabbits in the metaverse. According to the description, the Notorious Billy Bunny just gave his orders. He has assigned a three-pronged mission to his entire crew.

  • Leave the metaverse.
  • Escort you in WEB3.0
  • Help you to mint your way in BunnyLand.

The market for NFTs is rapidly expanding. Without a doubt, NFT is the way of the future. It can be said based on their total trade volume. It was around $40 billion last year, and it is expected to grow even more this year, reaching $70 billion. The well-known NFT Billy Bunny is a favourite of the bored ape community, and has joined their NFT collection.

How does one mint a Billy Bunny?

 The steps to minting a Billy Bunny are as follows.

  • Download and install the MetaMask Chrome extension.
  • After that, link your wallet to MetaMask.
  • To gain access to the Minting, register your wallet during the raffle.
  • Approve the transaction pop-up on MetaMask. You can now safely mint your Majestic Bunny after it has been approved.

Note: To cover gas and NFT mint fees, you’ll need enough ETH in your wallet.

The NFT collection’s creative team

 It has an incredible team that will take the NFT collection to new heights. There are six people on this team. Four of them are listed below.


KENY is the teacher of all.  It is listed as EL Maestro on the website. A teacher is referred to as EL Maestro in Spanish.


HALVIS is the overall Bunny Chief. He is the chief, according to the website.


OLAF is the Discord Master, according to the website. In discord, he is responsible for everything.


According to the website, PANCAKE is the Design Master. He is the head designer for the entire Billy Bunny NFT collection.

The Roadmap of NFT Collection

Any NFT collection’s roadmap shows the collection’s plan. It also tells us if any NFT collections will be preserved in the future. It has a well-thought-out roadmap. Its roadmap has a path that leads from a fantastic game experience to the start of the comic.

Game Experience

According to the game’s description, it says to get ready for a wonderful experience on the Sandbox. They’ll be releasing a series of Sandbox games soon. This amazing meteoric ascension will have an impact on the value of their beloved bunnies.

Metaverse Investment

They plan to make significant investments in the numerous metaverses. They have decided to split their 50% earnings in accordance with their DAO’s rules.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

They have a fantastic DAO system set up. Governance, as we all know, is important. They consult the community on our ambitious investment strategy concerns in a systemic way. They appear to have implemented a strong governance system for the future.


They’ve decided to publish their merchandise as well, following the launch of their games and the introduction of DAO. A well-known designer has created a full-fledged merchandising collection. They will create bunnies that are colourful and appealing especially for you.


They will highlight planned initiatives to develop their network and provide their valued customers with a different variety of merchandise. They will shoot both inside and outside the metaverse with the most compact and prominent community.

The Comic

On their roadmap, they have included a playful but attractive segment. This is the artwork for the comic. This will undoubtedly draw some interesting people to become NFT holders.

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