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Cyberattack on OIL’s HQ at Duliajan: 2 member IB team probes case

Guwahati: A two-member team of Intelligence Bureau officials who are experts in handling IT-related issues reached Duliajan yesterday evening to conduct a probe into the hacking case into the Oil India Limited (OIL) servers.

The team questioned the geologists and officers in the Geology and Reservoir department of Oil India Limited.

Top OIL officials informed Northeast Live that both the officials who were escorted to the department by a team of OIL security department collected various photographic evidence related to the case and also took a Persona Computer in their custody.

The PC has all data related to the company’s reserves of crude and hydrocarbons etc. apart from various other sensitive information.

Meanwhile, a computer emergency response team from the Union Ministry of Technology & Information is reaching Duliajan today to look into the matter as well.

It might be mentioned that the IT department of the OIL got the information about ‘some technical issues’ from the G&R department of the company on April 10 morning.

Hence the IB officers straightway went to the department on reaching Duliajan.

The officials were in the department from 5 to 6:30 PM. Meanwhile, the company through an internal circular has barred its employees and officials not to speak to the media or any other outside agency on the issue.

This is the first major cyberattack on Oil India. The ransomware attack on Oil’s Duliajan Headquarters has severely affected the server network and IT operations of the company.

As per the FIR filed by Oil India, the cyber attackers have demanded a ransom of a whopping Rs 75 lakh US dollars from the company.

Meanwhile, the quantum of losses due to the cyber attack is yet to be ascertained.

It may be mentioned that due to the cyber attack of ransomware on OIL’s work station at the Duliajan headquarters the server network and other related services have been affected.

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