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GameFi Earn Brings A Simple & Secure Way To Generate Passive Income For Its Community

Gamefi.org with its brand new feature GameFi Earn has got the market psyched up. The exciting service provides all the users with an opportunity to stake their crypto servings to earn interest on it. The best part is that everything is done in such a simple and secure way that it is like a dream.

GameFi.org recently collaborated with SecureChain to remove the smart contract related vulnerabilities and other issues which could be potential security threats to its ecosystem. The announcement of their collaboration has come as great encouragement for the 800,000 strong community of GameFi.

GameFi Earn provides its users with an opportunity to generate a passive income safely even though cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market. Following remarkably simple steps, a user can stake their tokens to earn interest and claim their Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

You can take benefits of the GameFi Earn model in two ways both of which have their own benefits.

1) Flexible Pool: The users can earn interest on a block-by-block basis by locking their tokens. It is flexible enough for users to withdraw their staked tokens whenever required.

2) Fixed Pool: In this method, the users can select a lock-up duration between 14 days, 30 days, and 90 days. After finalising the period, the tokens can be withdrawn only after the given period is over. Here the users get the opportunity to earn a better interest rate. The longer the duration of the lock-up period, the more the interest.

The team has also recently launched the first $GAFI earning pool to celebrate the opening of GameFi Earn. Let us have a look at its statistics below:

  • Token name: $GAFI
  • APR: 7.00%
  • Total pool cap: 200,000 GAFI
  • Lock-up duration: 90 days
  • Applicable subject: Open to All

For those who do not know, GameFi.org is one of the most popular gaming ecosystems with a community of close to one million members. Ever since it came into the existence, GameFi.org has positioned itself as a comprehensive ecosystem for blockchain gaming. It garnered such a warm response from everyone that within six months of its launch, GameFi.org successfully conducted forty-four initial token sales with total raise of $5.27 million USD.

Simultaneously it has also established a central game database that is continuously updated and is expanding its network of partner studios in its ecosystem. Over the time, GameFi.org has successfully discovered effective ways in developing a platform that builds relationships with game players, token holders, and traders all in one place.

Talking about GameFi.org and its objective, Mr. Hai Duong, CTO of GameFi.org says, “Human beings are always the weakest link in any cybersecurity system. As we are well aware of this matter, GameFi.org’s whole crew always prioritizes users’ security and privacy,”

“Along with that, GameFi.org also has collaborated with experts in the cybersecurity industry to consult and examine our system’s security. In addition, GameFi.org’s smart contracts have been thoroughly audited by our trusted partners Hacken.io and SecuriChain.” he adds.

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