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Meet Resell Calendar, making his name prominent in the NFT and crypto world.

The passionate being from the US is a top 20 Patreon creator, which is about supporting creators and rewarding them through memberships.

A lot has already been spoken about the rise of varied industries and sectors of the world. Still, sometimes, it feels much more discussions are needed around them for the world to know what has really led these industries to gain massive growth and success levels. The digital financial industry and the fintech world have been industries that have seen some of the most incredible growth rates in the past few years, which can be attributed to not just the advent of technology but, most importantly, to the endless efforts and hard work of a few professionals and experts, who make sure to take their industries to the next level of success. We came to learn about one such professional in the NFT and the crypto world and in the digital space named Resell Calendar.

Resell Calendar has been raring to reach the top of the tech space with the kind of work and efforts he has been putting in as a New York-based professional. He loves buying, holding, and trading NFTs and cryptocurrencies that he sees massive power and potential in, while also encouraging many other budding talents in the industry across the world. Buying rare crypto art like Rare Pepe created by various artists of the world is also something he has loved doing. Resell Calendar also gained more momentum and growth in the space when he created a Discord group, where he offers different memberships to people, which has made him the top 20 Patreon creators of all time.

The process of joining this membership is also easy, where people can choose a membership, sign up, add a payment method and get benefits. Talking about Patreon, Resell Calendar says that it is a space for supporting creators, and by doing that, they become an active participants in their creative process. As a member, people will receive exclusive content, behind-the-scenes updates, community access, and the opportunity to support the work of creators they love.

Resell Calendar keeps posting new updates, announcements, and news on different NFT collections, crypto projects, etc., proving his excellence as an NFT and crypto proponent and encouraging everyone else to be a part of the Defi space.

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