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Optimal Ambition is going to be one sustainable brand for years to come

Politikos is the CEO of Optimal Ambition, a lifestyle organization established in 2020.

Optimal Ambition is a global professional esports organization and lifestyle brand. It was established in 2020 by a group of friends brought together by fate, an ambition to achieve goals, and a constant desire to accomplish a better gaming community. They are not solely focused on talent but, more importantly, attitude, motivation, and contributing positivity to their organization and community.

Optimal Ambition is a global professional esports organization, lifestyle brand, and the Coalition of Parents in Esports. It is a non-profit organization supporting youth esports players and their parents and has joined hands with Ritual Motion to create live video content for the youth esports community. The content will be made on Ritual Motion’s new live-video platform. RM Guild is a social sharing and collaboration tool designed and built to allow gamers and the esports community to create, collaborate, and share meaningful content. It provides a unique and interactive audience experience.RM Guild was launched in May 2021 and has rapidly gained traction among the gaming community. Optimal Ambition and the OA Academy are ecstatic to partner with two impactful and famous entities in COPE and Ritual Motion. As official channel partners on RM Guild, Optimal Ambition and COPE will develop a calendar of live video sessions in interviews, panels, and round table discussions. The sessions feature gaming industry insiders, esports professionals, and topic experts. The content is developed for Optimal Ambition’s core audience of young, aspiring esports players and gaming enthusiasts. Their main goal has been to make a community-focused, positive atmosphere for gaming enthusiasts and competitors across multiple platforms.

OA actively seeks creators and competitors across various titles such as Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Rocket League, CSGO, R6, Halo, etc. While we were founded primarily as a Fortnite-based organization, they will rapidly expand to additional titles in the coming months. To learn more about them, get connected to them on Twitter @OptimalAmbition.

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