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Guwahati Police issues guidelines for post-covid Ambubachi Mela

Guwahati: With Ambubachi Mela set to take place next month at the revered Kamakhya Temple after a gap of two years, Guwahati Police today issued fresh guidelines with regards to the movement of vehicles on the Nilachal Hill and the surrounding area.

As per the latest guidelines, small vehicles would be allowed to be taken to the parking lots of the Kamakhya Temple complex.

Buses will not be allowed to halt near the temple road to pick up or drop passengers.

A parking lot reserved for VIPs and VVIPs would be set up near the Bagala Devi Temple. The new guidelines will come into effect from today itself.

Guwahati DCP Nvneet Mahanta and DCP Traffic Hiranya Kumar Barman also informed that further fresh guidelines would be given ahead of the Ambubachi Mela.

One of the biggest congregations of eastern India, Ambubachi Mela, is the most important festival of the Kamakhya temple and is celebrated in the month of June every year.

It is more of a ritual of austerities, a festival celebrated with Shakti rites. The belief is that Kamakhya embodies the mother cult, the Shakti.

During the period of Ambubachi from the seventh to the tenth day of the Hindu month of “Asadha”, the doors of the shrine are closed to all as it is believed that Goddess Kamakhya goes through the annual cycle of menstruation.

On the twelfth day, the doors are opened ceremonially and a big fair is held at the temple premises on that day.

“Ambubachi” means spoken with water and it also implies that the rains expected during this month make the earth fertile and ready for procreation.

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