People in Assam continue to suffer despite improvement in flood situation

Guwahati: Nearly 5.75 lakh people in the 15 districts of Assam continue to remain affected, despite the flood situation being marginally improved in the state.

According to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), more than 3.64 lakh people in Nagaon district including 2.22 lakh people in Kampur revenue circle are still affected by the flood.

As per the ASDMA, 51,671.52 hectares of cropland of 1073 villages in the flood-affected districts are still under the water in the state.

The natural calamity in the state has severely affected thousands of farmers in the state by damaging their crops and houses.

“The flood has hit us badly. The devastating flood had damaged my paddy crops and house. I had cultivated 10 bighas of paddy crops, but the flood ruined it all. Many farmers of our area had taken loans from the bank and other financial institutions for cultivation, but it ruined all. Now, how we will repay the loan?” said Pradip Bora, a farmer of Tetelisora village under the Kampur revenue circle in Nagaon.

Another farmer, Md. Sahjahan Ali, from the Kampur revenue circle, said that he too faced a similar problem.

“I had taken a loan from the bank for cultivating Paddy, but the flood damaged it. Nearly 3,000-4,000 bighas of cropland in our area is still under the water,” said Ali.

“Due to the heavy flood, we could not reap the crop. My house, too, is damaged by floodwater,” he added.

As per the ASDMA’s reports on Tuesday, a total of 81,712 flood-affected people were staying in the 346 relief camps set up by the district administration. 

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