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The Secret To Becoming Truly Successful As Per Ali Al Hleewa

“Success is the sum of several small efforts often repeated day in and day out.”

While analyzing the lives of a few extraordinary people, Ali Al Hleewa came across a distinctive feature that unites them all. The possession of a variety of traits that have contributed to their extraordinary success and kept them at the top of their industry.

So what is it that actually unites them?

Ali Al Hleewa, in his study, found out that, despite being extraordinary from diverse fields, these successful/extraordinary people are all united by Fear. 

However, their usage was unique compared to practically everyone else, and this alone helped them stand out from their peers and rivals.

“If you want to succeed in your life, you will have to give up any part of a ‘normal’ life.” states Ali Al Hleewa, who also firmly believes that ‘normal’ generally equates to average, boring, and mediocre. Extraordinary is rare and requires fundamental changes. And to go on a journey of a truly successful life campaign, one needs to stand out and be extraordinary.

What does true success mean?

Ali Al Hleewa puts forward five strategies for living an outstanding life that one can use right away in this brief checklist below:

Put education above entertainment.

One of the traits of successful people is their preference for learning over entertainment. Only an avid learner can achieve something big. Whiling away precious time and being entertained can yield no fruit. 

The obstacle is the way forward

People frequently moan and complain when faced with challenges, yelling, “why me!” Instead, develop the attitude of gratitude for these chances to grow and become more resourceful, intelligent, and patient people. One needs to recognize that the obstacle is the way forward. Problems and challenges are the only chances that inculcate improvement. 

Individuals ought to use this as motivation to improve. Most people never even attempt to solve this issue and continue to remain in mediocrity.

Give up “Traditional” habits.

The majority of people who lead typical lives would be shocked to learn that they have the same issue as everyone else.

To become extraordinary, one needs to give up these “normal” practices. They are not working for anybody else.

Continuity triumphs over the intensity

When individuals desire to change, they frequently do so suddenly and dramatically.
“That’s it — no more!” They shout triumphantly to themselves. Nobody loses 50 lbs in a month. Nobody writes a best-selling novel by next week. These things take months and years. Hence Patience is the key!

The first draft always sucks!

Everything is hard before it is easy. No worries if there’s a failure and a mess up at the beginning. That’s how it works. It’s almost rare to hit the Bull’s eye on the first try.

Final Thoughts

Successful people who are extraordinary abide by some universal laws in which they keep deep faith and eventually develop skills to apply all those in day-to-day life.

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