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Down Town Gurukul, Moranhat, inaugurates Knowledge Hub inside school building

GUWAHATI, Aug 17: Down Town Gurukul, Moranhat, successfully inaugurated the Knowledge Hub inside the school building on Independence Day. The Knowledge Hub has been built to accommodate the Astronomy Lab, the Composite Lab, and the Library. Dr. Anil Saikia, retired Principal of Moran College, who was the Chief Guest for the Independence Day celebrations at the school, formally inaugurated the Knowledge Hub. Down Town Gurukul has collaborated with Spark Astronomy in setting up the Astronomy Lab. One of the first of its kind in Assam, the Knowledge Hub will usher in a revolutionary way to impart knowledge on the subject of Astronomy to inspire school students to delve deeper into the mysteries of the cosmos. The school management is keen on setting up the next Astronomy Lab at the down town School at Hathisila, Guwahati.

The Lab is equipped with working models of the Spectroscope, solar goggles, 3D surface model of the moon and Mars, solar & lunar eclipse, solar system, compound telescope, galileo telescope, and many more. There are infographics, LED fitted wall hanging models, virtual reality boxes, 4D educational augmented reality-based kits, fun facts posters, moon phase annual calendar, etc. The Lab also houses the basic level, intermediate level, and advanced level Newtonian Refractor & Reflector Telescopes.

The library stores several encyclopaedias about the milky way, satellites, planets, stars, etc. The life-sized photos of the famous astronauts having an Indian connection, namely, Rakesh Sharma, Kalpana Chawla, and Sunita Williams accompanied by their biographies adorn the walls of the Lab.

The Co-Founder of the company, Aryan Mishra from Delhi has already conducted a 2-day astronomy workshop at the school last month for the benefit of the educators and provided invaluable insights about space, asteroids, and meteoroids, stars, planets, and other mind-boggling aspects of outer space. He has also trained them on using all the Lab instruments and telescopes. Going forward, the Lab will be open for all students of the school in the evening hours for observing the planets and satellites. Incidentally, Aryan Mishra is the youngest Indian astronomer to have discovered a near-Earth asteroid during a nationwide asteroid search campaign titled All India Asteroid Search Campaign when he was just 15 years of age

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