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Jesh Music creates ripples of massive growth in the world of music as a top Artist

At 23, he is already quite a buzz-worthy name in the industry, who now is a proud member of IPRS and SoundBetter.

Enough has already been spoken about a few individuals who have consistently made a unique name for themselves and their brands and businesses across sectors of the world. Still, it feels much more discussions are needed around a few of them, especially from the younger brigade, for these young talents have been taking over major sectors around the world, thriving on their insane passion and love for their work and commitment for making a positive difference in their respective industry. To do that in the music world has proved to be even more taxing and challenging, but it is geniuses like Jayesh Paradkar, most famously known as Jesh Music (https://ift.tt/zRsuIn8), who has proved what it takes to become one’s best version as a talent record producer and musician, taking over the Pop and Electronic scene.

Jesh Music currently feels proud of reaching newer heights in the industry as IPRS (performing rights org) welcomes him with open arms. He is also quite excited about being a proud member of the SoundBetter and BeatStars websites. Jesh Music recently started collaborating with various other artists to create compelling albums and mixtapes for them. He is the one who has already given several foot-tapping tracks that have driven people to the dance floor. His experimentations with his sound and his constant innovations in music have helped him become a sought-after record producer and music artist in the ever-evolving music world.

Just like any other youngster faces challenges on his path, Jesh Music’s journey was no different. He fought tooth and nail to reach where he stands today and points out that nowadays, many are running behind, only following music trends instead of innovating to stand different from the rest. Another issue that he has a first-hand experience with is selling Dummies by pitching ideas, which is quite risky as few artists copy the idea and try to steal the creator’s hard work.

Currently, Jesh Music is working on several exciting projects, and some of them are with well-known artists. His work in music, be it as a record producer, songwriter, or an artist himself, exude his insane passion for music and his brilliance as a music professional, whose songs have enthralled one and all. He confesses how since childhood, everything revolved around music for him. This made him realize his true purpose, and in 2018, he dived deep into the industry. His style, as he describes in his own words, is “Banger for Bass heads.” His excellence in new age Pop and Hip-Hop music and his incredible skills in music production have brought him a long way at a very young age.

Jesh Music’s (@aboutjesh) ultimate goal is to represent India worldwide and bring great cash flow with his big music moves.

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