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Relax your mind, body & soul with Nutritionist Karishma Shah’s various programs on health and wellness

Our lifestyle and health are two of the few things we can manage in these unheard-of times when we are all dealing with various challenges. It’s important to get professional help when illnesses happen frequently or when your failed weight loss attempts start to ruin your life. It can be a good idea to consult a nutritionist to learn about the foods and lifestyle choices supporting your health objectives. The people who direct us in changing our diets to satisfy our daily nutritional needs are nutritionists. One such talented person is Integrative Nutritionist & Holistic Wellness Coach, Karishma Shah. She has been in the industry for many years and has helped thousands of her patients by guiding them in the right direction.

With the thought of helping people to attain a healthy lifestyle, Karishma Shah started various programs. She has curated a unique program that helps anyone gain clarity, guidance, and actionable steps to achieve their health and life goals through psychological personality analysis. Her realignment program is her proprietary creation which is an amalgamation of 3 aspects body, mind  & soul, which will enlighten, empower, rejuvenate, support, and broaden an individual’s horizons in all dimensions of wellbeing. It gives learners the taste of how to support their physical, emotional, and spiritual selves.

The well-known nutritionist Karishma Shah also started her own podcast, ‘Voice it with Karishma Shah’ in 2021. The podcast will talk about prevalent medical conditions and how various treatment modalities and strategies can affect outcomes. The show witnessed medical professionals, doctors, and trainers, bringing about a remarkable revolution in the health and wellness sector through her podcast. She recently started with the podcast’s second season after the success and positive feedback. Where she will be inviting young entrepreneurs and coaches and ask a few brief questions regarding their impact on the wellness, health, and lifestyle domains. The purpose of this is to raise awareness of this particular health and wellness business among the masses. Her podcast is available on audio streaming platforms like Spotify, Anchor, and Jio Saavn. And, to enjoy more, one can even watch the vodcast on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Not just a Nutritionist but Karishma is also a certified psychotherapist who has helped many young minds to deal with problems of mental illness. She feels that to have a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to deal with mental health as well. A lot of people visit her who suffer from anxiety, depression, or any sort of problem with mental wellbeing. And through her nutrition program, she has helped them to fight those signs and maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes complete body, mind, and soul. Her weight loss programme takes a holistic approach. It includes personalised meal planning, coaching and guidance on emotional and mental stability, nutritional education sessions, an exercise routine, personal growth, and spiritual awakening.

Among women of all ages with hormonal abnormalities, including teenage girls, Karishma’s PCOS & thyroid program is very well-liked. These programs adopt a 360-degree perspective and centre on the four health pillars: proper sleep, a balanced diet, emotional cleansing, and physical activity. She also helps couples with infertility concerns and provides fertility issues, preconception, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy counseling, as well as guiding them along the way in accordance with their individual needs. The next significant accomplishment for Karishma would be a program on parents and kids, which is also one of her dream projects. It would concentrate on parenting techniques, including how parents may comprehend their offspring’s conduct and recognize their genuine talents. It would be interesting to see how she unfolds her various programs in the future and how people reap the maximum benefit from her. You can follow her on Instagram @karishmashahnutrition  or visit: https://karishmashahnutrition.com/

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