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426th Tirubhav Tithi of Mahapurush Madhabdev observed in Assam

Guwahati: On the holy Occasion of the 426th Tirubhav Tithi of Mahapurush Madhabdev, Batadrava, was resounded with spiritual and religious zeal from morning onwards.

The Tithi of Sri Sri Madhabdev was also observed in the Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar, Majuli Satra and other differnt parts of Assam.

On this auspicious day, right from the morning onwards, the Satras and the Namghars located across the state have been resounded with naam kirtans and special prayers.

Devotees in large numbers including youths gathered today at various Thaans in the morning offered their prayers, took part in Nam Pransang and recalled the great saint on his death anniversary. Women devotees were seen performing Nagara Naam/Diha Naam.

One of the most popular Vaishnav saints in Assam, Madhabdev is known as a saint-poet and author. He is famous for his compositions Namghosa and Bhakti Ratnavali, some of the most important spiritual works in Assam.

His virtues of aiming for the supreme truth and avoiding entanglement in fleeting pleasures are upheld statewide as philosophical teachings of great importance.

Mahapurush Madhabdev was a disciple of the great Srimanta Sankardev. Their meeting is termed a mystic event and a crucial juncture in the spiritual and religious history of Assam.

The great Vaishnavite saint is regarded as the propagator of Vaishnavism in the state and improving on the foundations laid by Sankardev.

He established ‘Satras’ across the state which to this date carry forward the ideas and have served as a foundation of thoughts and beliefs for centuries in Northeast India.

Madhabdev triggered a cultural renaissance establishing Satras, ‘Namghars’, introducing kirtans and ‘Borgeet’, which are among his prominent contributions. His tithi is observed annually on Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha Pratipada Tithi.

In that regard, religious gatherings have been organised across Assam with programmes scheduled to honour the great saint.

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