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Dhanteras 2022: Things to Buy And NOT to Buy on this auspicious occasion – Check List

Guwahati: Dhanteras, which commences the five-day long festival of Diwali will be observed on two days this year – October 22 – October 23.

Dhanteras is the occasion when people buy something new and valuable as it is considered to bring luck and prosperity for them.

Usually celebrated two days before Diwali, this day is considered to be an auspicious one for buying gold and silver jewellery, utensils, and even electronics in a bid to welcome Kubera and Lakshmi, both representing wealth and prosperity in Hindu mythology, to their homes.

However, belief has it that if you purchase or bring home certain things on Dhanteras, you will be bringing in bad luck instead of good. So, here are some of the items that you should not at all be included in your Dhanteras shopping list.

So this year we have curated a list of items to purchase and items not to purchase on Dhanteras.

What to Purchase on Dhanteras 2022

  1. Coriander, new clothes and medicines should be purchased on Dhanteras.
  2. Earthen clay lamps should be purchased and lit-up during Dhanteras and Diwali celebrations. It attracts positivity and eliminates your house with divine energy.
  3. Utensils: Utensils are seen as a symbol of prosperity, Dhanteras is an excellent time to restock your utensil rack.
  4. Electronic items: Dhanteras is the ideal time to upgrade your phone, television, or other electronic appliances if you’ve been considering it.
  5. Gold and silver coins: The ‘dhan’ and the goddess Lakshmi, who is symbolised by a one-rupee coin, are both worshipped on this day throughout the nation.
  6. Gold and silver jwellery: Jewellery investment is always a wise choice, Gold is a symbol of prosperity and wealth.
  7. Idols of gods and goddesses: Adding new god and goddess idols to one’s puja area is beneficial during Dhanteras.
  8. Broom: Apart from gold and silver jewellery and utensils, brooms purchased on the occasion of Dhanteras is considered auspicious

Here’s What You Should Avoid on Dhanteras 2022

  1. The broom purchased during Dhanteras should be treated with utmost care. One should avoid stepping on it even by mistake, else Goddess Laxmi gets offended. Never buy a single broom on Dhanteras, rather purchase them in a pair of three or four. Buying three brooms on this auspicious day brings good fortune.
  2. Always tie a white thread to the new broom purchased on Dhanteras. This will make Goddess Laxmi stay at your house. also never bring a new broom to an empty house. Always tie a black thread to the old broom and hide it from everyone in order to avoid negative energy from entering your house. Never keep the old broom below your bed or in the kitchen.
  3. You should avoid taking gifts
  4. Don’t lend money on Dhanteras, do not lend money to anyone.
  5. Do not buy items made of glass, aluminum and iron. While glass items have negative planetary impact of Rahu, buying iron on Dhanteras is considered unlucky.
  6. Buying sharp objects like scissors, knives, and pins is believed to bring bad luck to the family.  is believed to bring bad luck to the family.
  7. One shouldn’t buy anything in black as they associate it with bad luck.

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