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Manik Anand is leaving strong impressions with his acting skills

A popular name of the entertainment industry, Manik Anand aka Manik Singh Anand has worked in several TV shows, OTT series, theatre plays and films as well. He has even performed at the prestigious Prithvi theatre in Mumbai. The actor has been winning hearts as well as getting critically acclaimed with his power-packed performances.

Starting his stage career with a power-packed performance at Prithvi theatre as lead in Abhi Na Jao Chhodkar and ending on the same stage of Prithvi with Noor as a lead, Manik Anand has covered all the stages in Mumbai performing the same shows at multiple venues over the years. As a romantic lead in Abhi Na Jao Chhodkar, he set the audience into tears and cuddles, bringing the fact to light that women have the right to remarry and fall in love again while opening the door to examine gender oppression and inequality making the audience remember the feeling of the performance for days.

Beside acting, Manik Anand is a trained classical singer as well. In Noor, he used his intense vulnerability as a Sufi and once again set the audience in trance with his magical yet painful voice which was greatly appreciated by the theatre veterans across the city of Mumbai. There were people who even requested for copies of the songs that were performed by him.

His short film ‘The Second Home’ which won at the Jaipur international Film Festival and went viral on YouTube and Facebook with multi-million views, talks about the unequal treatment bestowed upon daughter-in-laws by mother-in-laws, in contrast to how they treat their own daughters. The film turned Manik Anand into the ideal husband who using the balance of calm and awareness established harmony by making his mother realize her behaviour. The film got thousands of comments that were all in praise of Manik’s performance and how there is need of more men like him in the society.

Manik Anand was recently seen in Amazon minTV web series titled ‘Udan Patolas’. The show is the winner of Best Web Series – Comedy Drama 2022. Manik is the beaming example of “there are no small characters, only small actors”. Manik’s character of Kaju in Udan Patolas which was limited yet crucial to the series, was turned into something larger than life with his farcical comedic skills making people go gaga over the character to the extent that people on the set actually started using his catchphrases and copying his delivery style in his absence turning him into a meme on social media and an unforgettable character.

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