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Assam: Three seniors held for ragging after Dibrugarh University student jumped off 2nd floor

Assam Police nabbed three senior-year students in connection with a ragging incident at Dibrugarh University that left a junior-year student in critical condition.

Simanta Hazarika, Niranjan Thakur, and Pranjit Baruah, all residents of Padmanath Gohain Baruah Students’ Hostel, were identified as the three older students held in connection with the crime.

This comes after Anand Sarma, a junior-year student in the University’s commerce department, allegedly leapt off the second story of the dormitory to escape a savage assault by seniors in the guise of ragging, seriously hurting himself.

The student was critically injured and was shifted to a private hospital where he has been admitted to ICU. As of now, the condition of the victim remains critical.

Three students have been detained by police in the ragging incident.

According to accounts, Sarma was joined by two other juniors who were victims of ragging. Following the incident, the victim’s family filed a report, and the accused were taken into custody.

Sarita Sharma, the victim’s mother said that the senior students were ragging her son. “He told me that they do not let him sleep at night for four months… Food has to be brought to them (seniors) at night. Their dirty utensils have to be washed… he used to tell us all this but we used to tell him that this is also a lesson in life. He used to ask to shift to a private hostel. But we cannot keep him in a private hostel and teach. We don’t have the capacity. I never thought this would happen to my son,” the victim’s mother told reporters.

Speaking to the media Sarita Sharma said, “Since his arrival, they are torturing him. We complained about it. But nothing happened.” She said that they spoke about the ragging issue to the warden and other authorities but nothing happened. “Now my son is in ICU, what decision they have taken?” Sarita Sharma questioned.

“This happened even after filing complaint two times. Authority told us to file a complaint saying that ‘nobody could harm you’. But now he is in ICU,” the victim’s sister told the media.

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