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Expect those who voted for Tharoor in Cong prez polls to join BJP: Assam CM

 Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma took a jibe at the Congress on Saturday over the recent elections for the party president, saying he expects those who voted for Shashi Tharoor to join the BJP soon.

Speaking to ANI on Saturday, the Assam CM said, “The outcome of the Congress’ so-called internal elections was known and declared even before the counting of votes. The only democratic people in the Congress were the 1,000 delegates who showed the courage to vote for Shashi Tharoor. I expect them to join BJP soon.”

Tharoor, who was rivalling senior party colleague Mallikarjun Kharge for the post, said only those lacking the courage to fight are tempted to join the BJP.

Kharge trounced Tharoor to become the first non-Gandhi Congress president in 24 years.

Kharge received 7,897 votes in the presidential contest to Tharoor’s 1,072 in the October 17 polls.

In a video, the Thiruvananthapuram MP repled to Sarma’s statement, saying, “Those who show courage will never join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Only the ones who do not have the courage to fight might be tempted to do so.”

Kharge was elected Congress president on October 19.

Soon after his poll victory, Kharge said the party has presented an “example of strengthening the country’s democracy by conducting organisational elections” at a time when “democracy is in danger” in the country.

Addressing the media after his victory, Kharge said Congress has “continuously strengthened democracy” in the 75-year history of the country and protected the Constitution.

“Now when democracy is in danger, the Constitution is being attacked and every institution is being bulldozed, the Congress is the example of a party fighting to stregthen the country’s democracy by conducting organisational elections at the national level. I thank everyone concerned with the election,” he had said.

Kharge also congratulated Tharoor saying that they discussed ways to take the party forward. Tharoor had visited Kharge’s residence to congratulate him on his victory.

“I want to congratulate my partner Shashi Tharoor as well. We were contesting the election as representatives. He met me and we discussed how to take the party forward,” Kharge said. (ANI)

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