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Assam: Nagaon woman who went missing along with minor kid calls mother from Pakistan jail

GUWAHATI, Jan 5: A woman from Nagaon has landed herself in a jail in Pakistan after reportedly entering the country without valid papers.

The woman identified as Waheeda Begum, had went missing for almost two months after she sold her property for Rs 1.60 crore, the sale deed and other formalities were apparently completed in the first week of November last year.

Incidentally, although Waheeda’s mother Arifa Khatun approached Nagaon police, police failed to get any trace of her who had disappeared along with her 10-year-old son Faayez Khan.

However, on November 30, 2022, Waheeda’s mother received a WhatsAap call from a Pakistani number and she was shocked to hear her daughter’s voice from the other end.

Waheeda said that she was arrested while entering Pakistan on November 25 along with her son and that she and her minor son were later sent to a prison in Quetta from where she was calling.

Waheeda’s mother, now in New Delhi exploring ways and means to bring her daughter and grandson back, has approached the Delhi High Court in this regard.

Waheeda’s mother Arifa, meanwhile, has alleged that four persons, including two businessmen named Ranjit Dutta and Prasanjit Dutta, are behind his daughter’s kidnapping. She, however, said she still doesn’t know how her daughter reached Pakistan.

Amid the accusation by Waheeda’s mother, Prasanjit Dutta who she accused as being among the four people involved in her daughter’s alleged abduction, claimed Waheeda had on Nov 1 finalized the sale of her husband’s property situated in Nagaon town and that out she was paid Rs 60 lakh out of the Rs 1.6 crore fixed as the final value of the property she had sold. “Waheeda took Rs 60 lakh and disappeared the same day,” Prasenjit Dutta told News Live, adding that she “eloped” with a person named Salim Khan taking her son with her.

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