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Assam BJP MP calls AIUDF Chief Ajmal ‘communal man’ over his remark on crackdown against child marriage

Assam Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Dilip Saikia on Saturday slammed AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal over his remarks on the ongoing crackdown against child marriage in Assam, and called him ‘communal’ man.

The All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) Chief Badruddin Ajmal while taking note of the ongoing crackdown on child marriages in Assam had said that this action was to ‘harass’ Muslims.

Ajmal also targetted the state government saying that child marriage is alreadey a punishable offence under the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2007, but there was no campaign run by the state till date.

“Now the government is making arrests, and soon it will declare that 90 per cent of the boys and girls were Muslims. The arrests will be one-sided and we know that. This government is anti-Muslim. BJP is there, and RSS is there, so there will be pressure on them,” Ajmal had said.

Replying to the remarks of AIUDF MP Ajmal, the BJP leader Dilip Saikia said, “Badruddin Ajmal is purely a communal man, his party’s work is only to find religious colour in every initiative of the government. They always try to find a religious angle. This crackdown on child marriage does not have anything to do with any caste or community. They will do anything for the sake of the vote bank.”

Saikia, MP from Mangaldoi said that Badruddin Ajmal is an elected representative and if he understands and believes in the constitution, then he should not have made such a statement. “Instead he should have stopped child marriage, why has he not taken any initiative in this regard so far?” he questioned.

In the ongoing crackdown against child marriages, Assam police have so far arrested 2,170 people, including Muslims and Hindu Priests across the state.

BJP MP Saikia said that the crackdown has nothing to do with religion as their party works for the development of North East and working for the betterment of society, irrespective of the vote bank.

“Police authorities said that they had been collecting evidence and getting complaints on the same for the last three years, and on the basis of which, action is taken against those who are involved in child marriage,” Saikia said.

“How is it right for a young girl to get married? It is very important to stop child marriage for the benefit of society,” he added. (ANI)

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