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Assam govt on mission mode to eliminate child marriages by 2026: CM Sarma

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Friday said several families had cancelled scheduled weddings of underage people as a fallout of the ongoing drive against child marriage by the Assam government and added that the state aims to eliminate child marriages by 2026.

CM Sarma said that after the massive drive against child marriage, a lot of people are coming to police stations and informing the police officer that they are cancelling pre-schedule marriages; many other people are coming and seeking permission for their girls, boys just crossed 18 years, whether they should marry or not marry.

“Now people are coming forward and they are taking in a way counselling from the police station and officers regarding nitty-gritties of marriage. People are coming and taking advice from us,” Himanta Biswa Sarma said.

In Assam, we are receiving full cooperation from religious leaders, the public at large and that is why we pick up 3000 people and they are still in jail. There is not a single agitation in Assam. Institutional delivery is at the same level. As of now, only 58 people have gotten bail, not so many people. By 2026, we will eliminate child marriage, he further said.

Taking to Twitter, CM said, “Reports are coming from various parts of Assam that several families have cancelled pre-scheduled marriages between under age children after our drive against such illegal practices. This is definitely a positive impact of our two-week-long crackdown against child marriages.”

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