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Gujarat man seeks to annul marriage as wife turns out to be wanted criminal from Assam

After learning that his wife was on the run from the police in Assam, a man in Porbandar, Gujarat, seeking the local court to have his marriage annulled.

Vimal Karia met and found his wife on a matrimonial platform but subsequently discovered that she was a wanted gangster from Assam who had previously been accused of fraud, theft, murder, and hunting.

A complaint was filed with the Porbandar SP office claiming that Vimal Kariya, of Porbandar’s Jalaram Kutir neighborhood, had met Rita Das, of Guwahati, Assam, via the Matrimonial App. 

As Vimal and Rita got to talking, they quickly decided to tie the knot. Vimal asked Rita for divorce papers before they wed, but Rita misled him and claimed that she had been married once before, in the panchayat, which is why she lacks the actual wedding certificate. 

Vimal trusted Rita, and the two were married in Ahmedabad. Rita left the house after only six months of marriage, claiming she needed to handle a land matter in Assam; however, she never returned.

Rekha Das, who described herself as religious, was wanted by an Assam court on a non-bailable arrest order that could not be bonded out.

According to Vimal, Rekha had rushed to settle a land issue in Assam after receiving a call from her mother. 

A call from her lawyer confirmed that a case had been filed against her, but he reassured her that it was nothing serious.

After the revelation of this shocking event, the team at Dainik Bhaskar contacted Rita Das and talked to her over the phone. While they spoke, Rita confessed that she was now still married. Rita claimed, “I married Anil in 2007, and the car theft case was registered in 2015. I haven’t talked to Anil since then. For the time being, Anil Chauhan is jailed.”

Rita insisted she had nothing to do with car theft, but she was actually arrested in 2015 for being a culprit in the theft of a BMW from the Assam Assembly. 

The Guwahati Police claim that Rita is the one who got Anil a ticket to enter the assembly premises. 

With the help of her friend, the then-MLA Rumi Nath, Rita had secured the entry pass. The MLA  had no idea that Anil was a car thief. When Rumi Nath asked Rita about it, she said that Rita’s husband had expressed an interest in viewing the premises.

While Vimal was reviewing the divorce papers, he found that his wife’s name was Rekha Chauhan, not Sharma. A quick search on Google confirmed that Rekha Chauhan is a ‘wanted’ criminal.

(Inputs from Agencies)

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