PM Modi in poll-bound Tripura: Congress-Left alliance ‘shattered’ dreams of poor, tribals and youth

Addressing a rally in Radhakishorepur district in poll-bound Tripura, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Saturday attacked the Congress-Left alliance saying that the parties pushed the state backwards in terms of development when they were in power, and “shattered” the dreams of people.

Modi said, “The dreams of the poor, tribal communities, women and youth of Tripura were shattered by the Left and Congress regimes. They forced the people to leave Tripura. Even getting electricity and water was like chewing iron gram”.

The prime minister said that during the Congress-CPI(M) rule, there had been thousands of villages deprived of roads, and development, but in the last 5 years, the BJP government had connected around 5,000 villages with roads. “It was the faith of the people of Tripura, which made us give our best towards bringing development in the State. I had promised for HIRA, and justifying the same today, the growth and prosperity in Tripura stands unparalleled,” the prime minister said.

PM Modi said that as the Congress and Left parties did not pay attention towards the state’s development, Tripura needs to “protect itself from destruction”.

“You should ensure that each and every single vote in Tripura should go to BJP. Your vote holds immense value, and the right choice, ‘Lotus’, will take Tripura to never before levels of development and prosperity.” he said.

Meanwhile, addressing a rally in Ambassa in Dhalai district earlier today, Modi said the BJP had brought the state back on the track of rapid development in just five years, and that the state had decided that the “double-engine of development” would not stop.

“The Congress and the Left had pushed Tripura backward in terms of development, but our government brought Tripura on the track of rapid development in just five years,” PM Modi said. “The Congress and Left have aligned… Every vote there is going to pull Tripura down,” he added.

“The BJP has freed Tripura from an atmosphere of fear and a culture of ‘chanda’ (donations)… Earlier, CPI(M) cadres used to control police stations, the BJP has now established rule of law,” PM Modi said.

“For the region to witness further development, every vote should be spent on the BJP-IPFT government,” he added.

Referring to HIRA — Highways, Internet, Railways and Airways — which was promised to the people five years ago, PM Modi said the state now has 5,000 km of roads to connect all villages, and that infrastructure was being developed to ensure every village can enjoy the benefits of optical fibre and 4g. “With the inaugaration of Tripura airport last year, the region is now more accessible. Tripura shall soon become the gateway of South Asia for trade,” he said.

The PM further said the party was focussing on three pillars – Awas (Housing), Aarogya (Health) and Aay (Income). “PM Awas Yojana ensured that 3 lakh homes were built for beneficiaries. In Tripura, more than 2 lakh people with serious illnesses were treated under the Ayushman Yojana. More than 4 lakh households have toilets, drinking water and almost 3 lakh houses have gas connections,” he said.

PM Modi addressed two rallies in Tripura today. A second visit of the Prime Minister to the poll-bound state is expected on February 13. BJP president J P Nadda and Union Home Minister Amit Shah have recently also visited the poll-bound state prior to the Assembly elections which will be held on February 16. Security has been strengthened in view of the PM’s visit on Saturday.

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