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Send stray Dogs to Assam for Consumption, Says Maharashtra MLA

Maharashtra MLA and head of Prahar Janshakti Party, Bachchu Kadu sparked a controversy after he made a bizarre remark urging the state government to ship stay dogs to Assam where they would fetch a ‘good price’.

The MLA made the statement while speaking in the state assembly.

He replied when MLAs Atul Bhatkhalkar and Pratap Sarnaik raised issues regarding the problems caused by stray dogs, sources said.

According to Kadu, the locals in Assam consume dogs.

“In Assam, stray dogs are in high demand. They fetch selling prices of up to Rs 8,000. To control the population of stray dogs in the state, they should be dispatched to Assam,” Kadu said.

However, the animal rights activists harshly criticized the MLA’s plan, calling it inhumane and outrageous, in response to his remarks.

Earlier in a similar incident, Jharkhand BJP MLA Biranchi Narayan made a similar comment to deal with the stay dogs issue.

Narayan said, “If the government cannot find a solution to the problem, call the people of Nagaland and the problem will go away.”

The statement was immediately condemned by animal rights groups who called for action against the MLA.

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