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Assam: Around 41280 people from 41 villages in Bajali still affected

The flood situation in Assam has been gradually improving, but around 41,280 people from 41 villages in Bajali district are still affected.

Many villagers of the Bajali district of Assam have become homeless after the devastating flood completely damaged their dream homes and washed away their household goods, and stuff and they are now living on roads, and embankments.

Rajib Talukder and his family are among the homeless villagers who have been forced to live on an embankment in Medhikuchi village of the Bajali district. The flood waters of the Pahumara River had breached a large portion of the embankment of Medhikuchi village and damaged at least seven houses. “I lost everything in this devastating flood. Now I have nothing. I am a daily wage labourer and had built my house with great hard work, but everything is destroyed. If the government will help me then, I can build a new home, if not then I can’t. I don’t know what I will do,” Rajib Talukder said.

Vikash Patgiri, another affected villager said that, if the government will help us then we can live, otherwise it will be very difficult for us to live.

“The flood destroyed everything. I am a daily wage labourer and earn Rs 400 daily. Now what I will do? I am homeless. Along with my family, we are now living on the road. The government has given us some food, and relief materials and some villagers are also helping us. I have lost everything,” Vikash Patgiri said.

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