BMI to test physical fitness of Assam cops gets underway

After completing the three months deadline, Assam police personnel are currently undergoing Body Mass Index (BMI) test on Wednesday.

The top brass of the police has arranged BMI test of the personnel at 35 district headquarters.

As per sources the BMI recording of the police personnel is needed to be below 30.

If a cop’s BMI is above 30 then he/she will be given another 3 months to lose weight. Moreover, those who fail in the BMI test will be given special training at the Dergaon Training Centre.

And even after that, if a cop’s weight is not reduced then they will be dismissed from the job.

Meanwhile, Assam Director General of Police GP Singh succeeded in the BMI test with overall index at 25.

It may be mentioned that on May 16, the Assam Police sent out strict directions to all police personnel allotting them three months time to reduce their weight. This order was passed for all police personnel including IPS and APS who are obese.

This order was passed after directives issued by Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and in a bid to check the overall health and fitness levels of police personnel. All cops were granted time till August 15 to reduce their weight.

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