“Even after Opposition alliance, PM Modi will come to power again”: Amit Shah in Lok Sabha

Union Minister Amit Shah while discussing the Delhi services Bill in the Lok Sabha on Thursday, took a swipe at the Opposition coalition–I.N.D.I.A saying that there is ‘no use’ of it as Prime Minister Narendra Modi will come to power again with the full majority.

Amit Shah was speaking in the Lok Sabha as the House took up the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, 2023 for consideration and passage.
Shah also hit out at the Opposition for supporting the Delhi government led by Aam Aadami Party (AAP) and appealed to the Opposition MPs to “think about Delhi, not the alliance”.

“I request to all the parties not to support or oppose any Bill or Act just for getting the support of any party. This type of politics should not be done. There are various ways to form an alliance. Acts and Bills are tabled in the country’s interest. You only think about your alliance. For you (The opposition), it does not matter if anything happens in Delhi, or if a minister does anything. You do not think about corruption. You have to support because you have to form an alliance. I request the members of the Opposition to think about Delhi, don’t think about the alliance. Even after they (the opposition) formed an alliance, Narendra Modi will become PM again with a full majority. So, don’t sacrifice the people’s welfare for your alliance, because there is no use of it. People are watching everything,” Shah said in the Lower House.

The union minister further took a jibe at the Congress ‘suggesting’ the party to ‘do the right thing’ and said that the AAP will not enter into the alliance once the Bill on Delhi services is passed.  

“I have tabled the Bill before the House and want that a discussion should take place with neutrality. I want to say to Congress, that they (AAP) will not be part of your alliance once the Bill will be passed. So, please do whatever is right,” he said.
Further, coming down heavily on the Opposition alliance, he said that it will not get people’s support merely by forming a bloc.

“If you think that to form the alliance, you will get the support and faith of the people, so there is nothing like that. You got their faith, but the way the UPA government worked in the last 10 years of its tenure and committed the corruption of 12 lakh cr, that is why they (UPA) are sitting there (in Opposition) and I am saying it again that you are supporting the Delhi government over the ordinance just for your alliance, then people are watching this and you have to pay for this in the next elections,” Amit Shah said.  

Speaking about the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, 2023, Shah said that the Delhi Government is opposing the Bill to hide its ‘corruption’.
“Problem is not with the rights of transfer postings, but they (AAP) want to hide their corruption after taking the control of vigilance,” he added.

The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, 2023, empowers the Central Government to make rules in connection with the affairs of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi including the functions, terms and other conditions of service of officers and employees.

Asserting that this legislation is good for the country, the Union Minister said that it should be opposed or supported for the good of the country or Delhi instead of for the sake of the alliance.
“There are many ways to form new alliances. Bills and Acts are for the good of the country. It should be opposed or supported for the good of the country or Delhi…One should not think in a way that we have to support while being in opposition because we have to form an alliance,” he said.

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