Why Guwahati is presently not feasible for a metro rail project… explains CM Sarma

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Wednesday (August 30) explained the reason why presently, Guwahati is not feasible for metro rail project at present.

While speaking at the inauguration of Nilchal Flyover in Maligaon on Wednesday, CM Sarma said, “Many people question us on why Guwahati doesn’t have a metro rail. This is because there is at least 3 km distance between two metro stations which is not possible in a small city like Guwahati.”

“If we want to lay the metro track in Silpukhuri, then one terminal will be at Dighalipukhuri and the other one will be at Chandmari, so this small place is not fit for metro train,” he said.

“But this upcoming 6-lane highway connecting Baihata Chariali, Narengi, Kuruwa, Jagiroad to Dispur will form a ring road and after completion of the ring the metro train will run above the ring,” the Chief Minister said.

“Metro trains will enter and exit Guwahati through the ring. That means, we have completed our homeworks on what to do upto 2030,” he added.

The Chief Minister further added, “During my childhood, I used to hear that Guwahati is the Gateway of Northeast, but today I would like to say that Guwahti is not just the gateway of Northeast India as we are planning to make it ready for Gateway of Southeast Asia. Our dream is to touch the sky and we will do it.”

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