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INDIA boycotts 14 TV anchors; not to participate in news debates…

The leaders of the INDIA alliance have decided to boycott several TV anchors and TV shows. and the decision in this regard was taken at the recent meeting held at NCP supremo Sharad Pawar’s residence.

As per the list shared by Pawan Khera, member of the Congress Working Committee, the leaders of the INDIA alliance will not be attending the shows hosted by 14 TV anchors.

The INDIA alliance, which is in power in 11 states, said it will not send its representatives on shows featuring Aman Chopra, Amish Devgan and Anand Narasimhan of News 18; Chitra Tripathi and Sudhir Chaudhary of Aaj Tak; Gaurav Sawant and Shiv Aroor of India Today; Prachi Parashar of India TV; Arnab Goswami of Republic Bharat; Rubika Liyaquat of Bharat 24; Navika Kumar and Sushant Sinha of Times Now Navbharat; Aditi Tyagi of Bharat Express; and Ashok Shrivastav of DD News.

he decision was taken at the meeting held on September 13.

Defending the decision, Congress media department chairman Pawan Khera said, “Every day at 5 pm, a market of hatred is put up on some channels. It has been happening for the last nine years. The spokespersons of different parties go to those markets, some experts go, some analysts go… but we all go as customers of that market of hatred.”

“We have taken the decision with a heavy heart. We are not opposed to any of these anchors. We do not hate any of these anchors. But we love our country more… that is why we wanted to take all steps possible from our side to shut these shops of hatred… that is why the constituents of the INDIA alliance decided that we will not go to these markets of hatred as customers,” he said.

“We do not want to legitimise this hate-filled narrative which is corroding our society… if you spread hatred in the society which takes even the shape of violence… we will not be a part of it,” Khera said.

The decision drew sharp criticism from the News Broadcasters & Digital Association (NBDA) and the BJP too attacked the Opposition alliance, reminding the Congress of the Emergency era.

“The ban on representatives of the Opposition alliance from participating in TV news shows anchored by some of India’s top TV news personalities goes against the ethos of democracy. It betokens intolerance and imperils press freedom. The Opposition alliance claims to be the champion of pluralism and a free press, but its decision betrays callous disregard for democracy’s most fundamental tenet – the inalienable right to openly express ideas and opinions,” the NBDA said.

The NBDA urged the opposition alliance to withdraw its decision as it would amount to “browbeating journalists and stifling freedom of speech and expression of the media”.

Meanwhile, the BJP criticised the Congress party over the move, saying the party has a history of bullying the media. In a post on X, BJP chief JP Nadda said, “The history of Congress has many instances of bullying the media and silencing those with differing views. Pandit Nehru curtailed free speech and arrested those who criticised him. Indira Ji remains the Gold Medal winner of how to do it- called for committed judiciary, committed bureaucracy and imposed the horrific Emergency. Rajiv Ji tried to bring media under state control but failed miserably. Sonia Ji-led UPA was banning social media handles simply because the Congress did not like their views.”

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