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Special session of Parliament short but historic, request MPs to give maximum time: PM Modi

Minister Narendra Modi said the special session of parliament starting today “may be brief but would be big on occasion”, adding that it would be a session of “historic decisions”.

In his remarks just before the session, PM Modi highlighted the Chandrayaan moon landing and the G20 as big achievements for the nation.

“The unprecedented success of GSLV Mk III-M1 is a celebration of India’s diversity,” he said.

The G20’s unprecedented success and the consensus sent a message of a bright future for India, added the Prime Minister.

He said a special aspect of the session was that the 75-year journey of the country was beginning afresh.

“The atmosphere is filled with enthusiasm and a new self-confidence across the country. The session may be short in duration, but in terms of time, it is significant; it is a session of historic decisions,” said PM Modi.

“From a new place comes new energy, new belief; we aim to make the country a developed nation by 2047.”

Stressing that the session was important in many ways, PM Modi urged MPs to make the most of it.

“I urge all Members of Parliament to make the most of their time. Let us meet in an environment of enthusiasm and excitement. Complaining and criticism take a lot of time. There are some moments in life that fill you with enthusiasm, I see this session in that way.”

The session was short, but it was very valuable, he reasserted.

“Tomorrow is the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles. There will be no obstacles in India’s development journey,” he stated.

The five-day “Amrit Kaal” session of parliament will feature discussions on the evolution of India’s parliamentary democracy. Eight bills are listed.

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