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Weekly Zodiac astrological predictions: September 3 to Sep 9

Aries :

Being Rahu present in your house you feel tension and workload. Get invitation for any prize distribution ceremony. Family life good. Avoid arguments. Don’t use wrong words. Avoid legal matters.
Remedy : Chant durga chalisa
Diety : Hanuman ji.
Good colour : Red
Good number : 1,8
Best Direction : East
Good days : Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday .

Taurus :

Be cautious while driving. Good time to get a job Or transfer this week. Money flow will be good. Chances to busy with friends. May purchase gifts. Keep eye on your health. Foreign tour also possible. Love life good.
Remedy : Chant Ganesh mantra.
Diety : Sree Durga mata.
Good colour : White
Good number : 2,7
Good direction : south, west
Good days : Friday, Wednesday, Saturday.

Gemini :

Very good time to earn money from old investments.Your mother may happy this week. Chances for exploring your ideas. Maintain decorum at home. Little problem in love life due to doubts.
Remedy : Chant shiv mantra.
Deity : Ganesh ji
Good colour : Yellow
Good number : 3,6
Good direction : west
Good days : tuesday, Thursday and saturday .

Cancer :

Professional life super. Take care of your home. Problem may arise regarding property. Mood swing may happen. Keep your mind healthy. People appreciate your work. Short journey may happen with family. Lovers may hang out.
Remedy : Chant Hanuman chalisa.
Deity : Shiv ji
Good colour : Milky
Good number : 4
Good direction : East, South
Good days : Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Leo :

Take care of your stomach and eyes. Chances for recognition. Avoid argument with siblings. Be confident. Chances for marriage. Money flow will be good. Elders health may disturb. Love life is great.
Remedy : Chant Om Bhaskaraye Namah.
Deity : Sree Vishnu ji
Good colour : Golden
Good number : 5
Good direction: East
Good days : Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday .

Virgo :

Avoid legal matters. Left eye problem. Profit from ancestors. Chances of wealth comes in. May get little spiritual. Take care of family life. Avoid gambling. Love life usual.
Remedy : Chant Maa Kali Mantra.
Deity : Sree Ganesh ji
Good colours : Green
Good number : 3, 8
Good direction: South
Good days : Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


Take care of your body lower part. Don’t invest in new ideas. Married life little disturb. Money will come through unknown way. Little detachment in love life.
Remedy : Chant Mahalakshmi Mantra.
Deity : Sree Durga mata ji
Good colour : white
Good number: 2, 7
Good direction: West
Good days : Friday, saturday and Wednesday.

Scorpio :

Take care of your spouse health. Very good period for spiritual gains. Little problem in jobs. Chances to visit temples. Loneliness may happen. Lovers avoid arguments.
Remedy : Chant Saturn mantra.
Deity : Sree Hanuman ji
Good colour : Red
Good number : 1, 8
Good direction : East, North
Good days : Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Sagittarius :

Stomach issue may arise. Chances for heavy money flow. Avoid emotion be practical. Don’t execute any new idea. Lovers may face relationship issue.
Remedy : Donate food.
Deity : Sree Vishnu ji
Good colour : Yellow
Good number : 9 , 12
Good direction: East
Good days : Thursday and Sunday.


Chances for new jobs or may change the old one. Don’t fight with elders. Researchers may get high return. Chances for new plot or vehicle . Control your mind. Relationship effects due to family issue.
Remedy : Donate curd ( Dahi)
Deity : Shiv ji
Good colour : Cyan
Good number : 10, 11
Good direction: South
Good days : Saturday, Wednesday and Friday.

Aquarius :

Right time to show your potential. Grab the lime light. Take care of your elders health. Control your aggression. Artists will have a great week ahead. Earn money and respect through your behaviour. Love life good.
Remedy : Chant mantra for Ketu.
Deity : Shiv ji, Rudra
Good colour : Cyan
Good number : 10 , 11
Good direction : west

Pisces :

Dont spoil your money on unnecessary things. spirituality will help you a lot. Researchers may achieve success. Any kind of occasion may take place in the family. Stop eating spicy. Lovers be serious.
Remedy : Chant om ketave namah.
Deity : Sri vishnu ji
Good colour : yellow
Good number: 9 , 12
Good direction : North
Good days : Thursday, Monday and Tuesday.

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