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“Assam progressing at very fast pace,” says state DGP GP Singh

Assam Director General of Police, GP Singh, said on Friday that no civilian or security personnel casualties were witnessed in 2023, and the state is now progressing at a very fast pace.

“For the first time after 1991, no civilian casualties or security forces personnel were killed or kidnapped by any terrorist organization in the state in 2023. With the improvement in the security situation, AFSPA has been removed from the entire state except for four districts. We are definitely in a much better position,” GP Singh said.

He further said that the security forces have recovered thousands of illegal and illicit weapons, including automatic weapons, across the state in the past two years.

“Our constant effort is to unearth all the illegal and illicit weapons in the state. In the last two years, more than a thousand weapons have been recovered in the entire state, of which more than half are automatic weapons,” DGP Singh added .

To a question about providing financial assistance to the surrendered and former cadres of militant groups, the Assam DGP said, “Financial assistance is one part of this; more than that, the fact is that Assam is now progressing at a very fast pace”.

“It is more beneficial to be part of the development story of Assam than to be outside in the jungle and actually contribute nothing to the development story of the state. That being the main driving force, I am sure everybody will come out and take part in the further development of Assam,” DGP Singh added.

Talking about the ongoing peace talks with the pro-talk faction of the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA), the Assam DGP hinted that the peace accord with the faction would likely be signed this year.
“I don’t think we will have to wait for another year. It will be signed much before that,” DGP Singh said.

Appealing to the ULFA-I chief Paresh Baruah to come and take part in the development story of Assam, DGP Singh said, “The Assam Chief Minister (Himanta Biswa Sharma) has repeatedly said that Baruah should come and see the development going on in the state. When he comes here to see development, he will decide to stay back”.

“I request everybody, including Paresh Baruah, to come and be part of the development story of Assam and ensure that everybody enjoys the fruits of the development without any fear.”

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