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Guwahati reels under artificial floods, Helpline No Issued By Kamrup (M) Administration

Guwahati city is reeling under artificial floods due to incessant rainfall over the past few days.

The Guwahati floods have been a severe worry for residents for many years. The majority of Guwhati city has been drowned as a result of the continuous rain over the last few days.

The situation of artificial flooding and waterlogging is rapidly worsening, causing a general catastrophe for the city’s residents.

The people of Guwahati are having a rough time. Academically, the pupils are at a disadvantage since students from outlying sections of the city have a difficult time getting to their institution or school.

Meanwhile, today, most educational institutions are closed due to widespread flooding. The institutions’ semester and half-yearly examinations have also been postponed.

Notably, the city is repeatedly submerged in water due to a single cause: a lack of a functioning drainage system. It has been common to face artificial floods numerous times throughout each rainy season.

So, the sole concern for the residents is whether the government will take any action in response to this enormous and unnecessary man-made flood.

Meanwhile, the Kamrup (metropolitan) district administration on Friday released a helpline number in light of the artificial flooding across Guwahati city.

The helpline number of the control room where citizens will be able to call and register their complaints along with seeking directions and assistance is: 9365429314.

“Citizens of Guwahati may please contact district administration helpline number for any assistance in wake of waterlogging or other issues,” the authorities stated.

Areas like Ulubari, Rajgarh, Anil Nagar, Nabin Nagar, Gandhi Basti, Hatigaon, Zoo Road, Borbari, and RG Baruah Road, among others are witnessing unprecedented water levels. Normal life in Guwahati has been affected.

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