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Incessant rain wreaks havoc, Guwahati reels under artificial floods

The Guwahati floods have been a severe worry for residents for many years. The majority of Guwhati city has been drowned as a result of the continuous rain over the last few days.

Artificial flooding and persistent water logging have become regular occurrences in Guwahati, affecting the livelihoods of the city’s majority of inhabitants. The authorities and administration are being questioned about the substandard unresolved drainage system that has existed for several years.

On the other side, the students and office workers are suffering greatly as a result of these unnecessary floods. Buses, private automobiles, motorbikes, and rickshaws face significant difficulties on a daily basis.

Furthermore, a landslide triggered by incessant rains struck a house at Zoo-Narengi road in Guwahati city on Thursday morning, destroying it partially. Fortunately, the family residing in the affected house had a narrow escape from this disaster.

The calamity, triggered by relentless rains, is part of a larger crisis as the city grapples with floods due to the inclement weather. The house, located perilously close to the edge of a hill at Bhaskar Nagar area, bore the brunt of the landslide.

While no injury or casualty was reported in the incident, the affected house sustained significant damage with its roof and guard walls completely destroyed, sources informed.

Meanwhile, the city of Guwahati has been grappling with the consequences of heavy rainfall, as flooding has also been reported in several low-lying areas.

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