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MTV Hustle 3.0: Assam’s Shady Mellow enters the ‘rap game’ round

The exceptionally gifted Assam rapper Shady Mellow, has stood out shining amongst all the newly welcomed contestants on one of India’s most unique rap reality show MTV Hustle 3.0.

Mellow, who dreamt of showcasing Assam in the world of rap wearing his ‘Mising’ traditional scarf rocked the staged in the first round gathering applauses from the judges.

With his debut performance of the song “Rafa Dafa” on the stage of MTV Hustle 3.0, Shady Mellow took everyone on a ride with his captivating lyrics which depicted the importance of following one’s dreams and aspirations.

The ultimate boss rapper Badshah labeled Shady Mellow’s song as one of his favourite songs from the Hustle series and recalled Assam’s love for him by saying ‘Jai Aai Axom’.

While Dee MC (Deepa Unnikrishnan), one of the squad bosses praised the Mising rapper’s great ability to carry out the entire song in low tune, one of the other judges Ikka also gracefully remarked that he could feel the innocence and fragrance of Assam while listening to Shady Mellow.

Meanwhile, the MTV Hustle’s 3rd season took off on 21st October, 2023, with a sparkling array of various contestants from around the country. The show is being judged by Badshah along with four squad bosses – namely EPR, Dino James, Dee MC and Ikka.

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