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Zoo Road Flyover: “We are ready for inauguration in the coming week,” says Assam CM

After the late-night inspection of the Zoo Road Flyover here, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said it will be inaugurated in the “coming week”.

“I went on a late night inspection of the Zoo Road Flyover. We are ready for inauguration in the coming week,” he said in a post on ‘X’, formerly Twitter.

The flyover, constructed at Zoo Road in Assam’s Guwahati, aims to combat traffic congestion and improve transportation facilities.

As per an official statement, the flyover is built at a cost of Rs 78.93 crores.

Earlier on Saturday, Sarma performed a pooja for his ancestors on the last day of ‘Pitru Paksha’ at Narayani Shila Temple in Uttarakhand’s Haridwar. Hindus pay homage to their ancestors in ‘Pitru Paksha.’

On the occasion, Assam CM said that he always tries to visit Narayani Shila Temple on a yearly basis to pay obeisances.

Meanwhile, the Assam Chief Minister on Friday launched the ceremonial distribution of bicycles as part of CM’s Special Scheme for students at a function held at Tezpur in Sonitpur district.

“Pragati and Vikas rest on improving ease of living and building an ecosystem where our children can access quality education. From revamping over 4,000 schools and fulfilling teaching vacancies, Assam is also equipping students with cycles, computers & two-wheelers. Today, we distributed bicycles worth Rs 161 cr to 3.7 lakh meritorious 9th standard students across public schools, 56 per cent of them are girls,” Sarma said on X.

Under the scheme, Chief Minister Sarma distributed 12,484 bicycles to the students of Sonitpur district.

Notably, under the scheme altogether 3,69,454 students of Class IX will be given free bicycles involving a financial outlay of Rs 161 crore.

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