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APSC Cash-for-Job Scam: 2 APS officers summoned by CID today

Faruk Ahmed and Ashima Kalita, two Assam Police Service officers have been summoned by the Assam Police’s Special Investigation Team (SIT) for questioning in the ongoing APSC cash for job scam investigation.

The duo have been asked to appear before the CID headquarters in Guwahati today.

Earlier, on Monday, ADCP Sukanya Das, an APS officer, was arrested by the police.

Previously, 21 civil servant officers was suspended in connection with the infamous APSC cash-for-jobs scam.

All the officers were placed under immediate suspension according to a order passed by the Government of Assam.

Out of 21 suspended officers, 11 are from the Assam Police Service (APS), four are Assam Civil Service (ASC) officers, one Excise Inspector, one ARCS officer and three Assistant Employment Officers.

The ongoing investigation into criminal offenses related to the APSC cash for job scam has revealed that these officers benefited from irregularities by illegally increasing their marks, which allowed them to be recommended for appointment.

Based on the report of former Justice Biplab Kumar Sharma, all 21 have been suspended from their jobs.

The suspended officers are now being interrogated by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Assam Police investigating the matter.

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