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Ex-minister’s brother and Karimganj DTO arrested for taking bribe

Continuing the crackdown on corruption in Assam, CM Vigilance and Anti-corruption team conducted a sweeping operation and raided the Karimganj Transport Department, resulting in the arrest of District Transport Officer (DTO) Karimganj and a enforcement checker in the Karimganj transport office.

As per inputs, the arrested enforcement checker, Abu Sale Mohammad Zakaria, is the brother of former Assam Minister Abu Sale Najmuddin.

The CM Vigilance and Anti-Corruption team arrested him in a bribery case involving Rs 10,000 and for conspiring with the DTO, taking bribes and illegal allowing complainants’ vehicles and involving in corrupt practices.

Karimganj DTO In-charge Sahabuddin Tapadar was also arrested in connection with the ongoing investigation.

On the official twitter handle, the anti-corruption cell wrote, “Yesterday @DIR_VAC_ASSAM trapped red handed Abu Saleh Md Zakaria,Enforcement Checker,O/O DTO,Karimganj after he accepted bribe in conspiracy with Sahab Uddin Tapadar,I/C DTO,Karimganj for allowing free movement of complainant’s vehicles”

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