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India’s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim poisoned? Hospitalised in Karachi

In a shocking development, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, who is wanted by India for his role in the 1993 Mumbai blasts, was reportedly poisoned in Pakistan and rushed to a hospital in Karachi. However, there is no official confirmation of this news, and the sources and motives behind the alleged poisoning remain unclear. According to some media reports in Pakistan, Dawood was given poison by someone close to him, and he started feeling unwell. He was then taken to a hospital in Karachi, where he is undergoing treatment. The reports also claimed that Dawood’s condition is critical, and he is being kept under tight security.

However, other media outlets in Pakistan have dismissed these reports as baseless and fabricated, and said that Dawood is fine and living in his safe house in Karachi. They also accused India of spreading false rumours about Dawood’s health to create panic and confusion among his associates and supporters.

Dawood Ibrahim is one of the most wanted terrorists in the world, and is accused of orchestrating the 1993 Mumbai blasts that killed more than 250 people and injured thousands. He is also believed to be involved in various other criminal activities, such as drug trafficking, money laundering, extortion, and arms smuggling. He is said to have close links with the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and the terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba.

India has been demanding Dawood’s extradition from Pakistan for decades, and has provided several evidences of his presence and activities in Pakistan. However, Pakistan has always denied harbouring Dawood, and has claimed that he is not in its territory. India has also put a bounty of $25 million on Dawood’s head, and has urged the international community to pressure Pakistan to hand him over.

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