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Land grabbing will soon cease to exist in Assam: CM Sarma’s strong message

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Wednesday evening sent out a strong message and said that those involved in forging land documents as well as grabbing land will not be spared at any cost.

In fact the Assam Government is working on a war footing to make its strategy succeed to get rid of this.

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s statements comes after the Assam Police unearthed a cartel of land mafias working in connivance with government officials, advocates and clerks, involved in preparing fake land documents and grabbing plots of lands.

Chief Minister Sarma stated that the government will make sure that such cases never happen again anywhere in the state, once the plans are executed.

The Assam Chief Minister, known for his zero tolerance on crimes said, “We are taking a big step to wipe out issues of land grabbing, involvement of brokers in sale and purchase of land. After few days I will share all the details. I feel that we will help lots of people who have lost their land (owing to these issues). Hopefully, we will be able to help people who have lost their cases in court 10-15 years ago because we have and will be nabbing kingpins behind such acts. I think issues like land grabbing will cease to exist in Assam very soon, the manner in which we are proceeding.”

Chief Minister Sarma mentioned that the police is making all out efforts to ensure that offenders have no escape.

“The Assam Police is playing a key role in this regard, the Guwahati City Police is also on the job, DGP GP Singh is also giving his best efforts. We will do away with the menace of grabbing land from the already deprived people. By January, we will share all the details, we are working on our plans these days,” Chief Minister Sarma said.

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma also visited the Kamrup (M) Deputy Commissioner’s office and inspected the Record Room for Land Related Documents to oversee its maintenance.

Sarma after the inspection also held a meeting with Kamrup (M) DC Sumit Sattawan, outgoing DC Pallav Gopal Jha and Guwahati Commissioner of Police DIganta Barah and gave clear instructions for stern action in handling such cases.

As part of the ongoing probe, three individuals were arrested on November 24. The arrested were a computer operator from the Revenue Circle Office in Dispur, a junior assistant from the Sub-Registrar Office in Guwahati, a land broker, and an advocate.

On November 26, Ramen Modahi, the kingpin involved in the Guwahati land-grabbing scam, was shot while he tried to flee from police custody. The incident happened in Guwahati and the accused was shot in his right leg.

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