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Assam: BJP’s clean sweep in NCHAC polls, Congress decimated

Its a clean sweep for the BJP in the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council polls as the Saffron party won 25 seats out of the total 28 seats. While Congress and TMC drew a blank, three independent candidates had the last laugh.

Considered as the semi-final in Dima Hasao ahead of the crucial Lok Sabha elections, all eyes were on the results of the autonomous council polls where apart from the BJP, the Congress and the TMC had also fielded sizeable number of candidates.

The BJP had already won in the 6 constituencies- Maibang East, Maibang West, Hajadisa, Haran-gajao, Gunjung and Hamri uncontested.

The seats in which BJP won are-

Dihangi- Debolal Gorlosa
Hatikhali- Niranjan Hojai
Khartong- Lalremsiem Darnei
Diyungmukh- Rupali Langthasa
Haflong- Donpainon Thaosen
Jatinga- Flamming Rupsi Shylla
Borail- Ngulminlal Lienthang
Mahur- Probita Johori
Jinam- Zosumthang Hmar
Hangrum- Noah Daime
Laisong- Paudamming Nriame
Langting- Dhriti Thaosen
Kalachand- Ratan Jarambusa
Wajao- Biswajit Daulagupu
Daotuhaja – Pronath Rajiyung
Garampani- Samsing Engti
Lower khartong- Ngamrothang Hmar
Diger- Sam Changsan
Hadingma- Devojit Bathari

Don Painon Thaosen won the Haflong seat for the saffron party. This is the first time that the BJP has won the Haflong seat.

Three candidates have won the elections. They are
Herojit Jidung- Semkhor
John Poitong- Dolong
Ramgalungbe Jeme- Dihamlai

Northeast Live spoke exclusively to CEM Debolal Gorlosa after the BJP’s massive success. Asked if BJP’s aggressive campaigning led to the good show, Gorlosa attributed it to the party’s welfare push.

He said, “Development, through the blessings of PM Modi and CM Himanta Biswa Sarma has happened. People have reposed their faith on the development agenda. We will win at least 25 seats.”
Debolal Gorlosa also said that there was opponent of the BJP in the election except a number of independent candidate, who according to him were the main rivals.

There was no party (in contest), there were only independents (in contest). Congress has become zero, TMC has secured a few votes of the Congress, but if you say about a party, there is no contest with the BJP. Congress is finished, it will be a zero in the future too. It is because they did not work, now Dima Hasao has experienced lot of development.”

Independent candidate Ramgalungbe Jeme who won from the Dihamlai constituency said,”Of course there were challenges. Last time I got around 700 votes, this time I got over 1500 votes, so the numbers have increased.

Asked if he would continue to stay in the Opposition or join the BJP after the council is formed, Jeme said, “The BJP is going to form the new council, so there are high chances of me joining the BJP. If CEM speaks to me about this, I am ready to work together, I will extend my full support in the next MP, MLA elections.”

Polling was held on January 8th for as many as 22 seats out of the total 28.

in 2019, the BJP won 19 out of 28 seats in the NCHAC, the Congress won 2 seats in the most populated constituency, that is Haflong and Garampani, while the Asom Gana Parishad won 1 seat and the rest were won by BJP-backed independent candidates.

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