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Rhino horn recovered in Kaziranga, poacher arrested

The Assam Forest Department has recovered a rhino horn which was cut off by a poacher after killing the rhino in the Kaziranga National Park.

On January 22, a poacher had killed a rhinoceros and fled with its horn near Maklung forest camp of Agartali forest area in Kaziranga.

After the incident, the police and forest department launched an operation and arrested the poacher identified as Jaggu Pegu and after 4 days, the forest department team recovered the horn which was hidden in the ground behind Pegu’s house.

This is the first case of rhino poaching in 2024. Assam achieved a proud record of zero rhino poachings in 2022, first time since 1977. In 2023 one case of rhino poaching was registered in March. There are around 2000 rhinos left in the wild and conservation efforts are ongoing to protect the species from extinction.

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