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Gauhati HC directs Assam Government to halt on buffalo fights

The Gauhati High Court, in response to PETA India’s application for interim relief against traditional Buffalo fights competition which was allowed this year by Assam Government, directed concerned the government to stop any further buffalo fights from taking place in the state of Assam.

The petitions by the animal wealfare organisation cite numerous violations of central law in the conduct of these events. As evidence, PETA India submitted investigations into these fights, which revealed that terrified and severely injured buffaloes were beaten to force them to fight.

The Assam government on the occasion of Magh Bihu last month revived the buffalo and bulbul (songbird) fights, an age-old tradition, in the state after a nine-year pause following a ban by the Gauhati High Court responding to pleas that the practice was cruel to the birds and animals.

After the Assam government’s decision to allow buffalo fights, PETA India had filed a petition with the Gauhati High Court making the case for such events to be prohibited once again.

An investigation into a buffalo fight held in Ahatguri in the Morigaon district of Assam on 16 January revealed that to instigate buffaloes to fight, owners slapped, pushed, and shoved them; jabbed and struck them with wooden sticks; and pulled them by their nose-ropes to force them to approach one another. 

When fights were underway, some owners and handlers jabbed the buffaloes with sticks and whacked them with bare hands to cause them further distress. 

The buffaloes locked horns and fought, sustaining bloody wounds to their necks, ears, faces, and foreheads – many had injuries all over their body. The fights lasted until one of the two buffaloes broke away and fled

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