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Assam Congress President Bhupen Borah will join BJP on Jan-Feb 2025, claims CM Sarma

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has claimed that state Congress president Bhupen Kumar Borah will join the saffron party by early next year.

Addressing reporters, CM Sarma said, “Ask me, when will Bhupen Borah join the BJP? He will join the BJP on January-February 2025 . Since I am saying this, I have a reason for it. He will join soon.”

CM Sarma termed the grand old party as a ‘fixed deposit’ of the BJP, from which it draws members whenever needed.

“I can say that by January-February 2025, Bhupen Borah will join the BJP. I have kept two constituencies ready for him, though won’t name those now,” Sarma said, talking to reporters at the residence of the party’s Sonitpur constituency candidate Ranjit Dutta on Monday evening.

Terming the opposition Congress a ‘fixed deposit’ of the BJP, Sarma claimed that ‘whenever needed, we bring them in’.

“Except for a few ‘blue-blooded’ few ones, the rest are all ours,” the BJP leader added.

Sarma maintained that voting for Congress means voting for Rahul Gandhi, and for BJP means, voting for Modi.

“Those who love Modi and want Bharat to be a ‘vishwa guru’ will vote for BJP. Rahul Gandhi’s own future is dark, the future of his followers is even darker,” the CM claimed.

He also claimed that the Congress candidate in Sonitpur will also join the saffron party if he makes a phone call to him.

“The one who is contesting here will join us instantly if I call, but I will call after election. We don’t want them to withdraw nomination as we have to show Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji the support of the people.

“Hanuman showed his love by tearing apart his chest. In Kalyug, we have to show the love through votes,” Sarma said.

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