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Assam govt to give Rs 1.5 lakh each to over 2,000 Bihu committee

The Assam government will give financial assistance of Rs 1.5 lakh to each of the Bihu committees of Assam.

The state government has earmarked a total of Rs 35 crore to be given to me 2,306 Bihu committees across the state.

The assistance will be given after getting permission from the Election Commission.

The state government had given the financial aid last year too. The government is yet to make the announcement for this year due to the model code of conduct being in force.

This initiative has been undertaken to promote and preserve cultural festivities. This financial assistance is expected to contribute to the overall success and vibrancy of the Bihu festival, benefiting communities across the state.

Preparations to celebrate the biggest festival of Assam are in full swing.

Many Bihu organising committees have organised Bihu dance workshops in different parts of the state.

Rongali or Bohag Bihu celebrated from April 14, marks the beginning of the Assamese new year. Bihu songs and dance are performed on stage and even in the open fields.

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