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Assam: Several trains between Silchar and Guwahati cancelled

Train services between Silchar and Guwahati have been disrupted once again following the recent thunderstorms that hit several parts of Barak Valley.

Following the recent thunderstorms, the NF Railway announced the cancellation of several trains for track safety works.

Among the cancelled trains include Guwahati-Silchar Express, Guwahati-Dullabcherra Express, Dullabcherra-Guwahati Express, Guwahati-Badarpur Tourist Express and Badarpur-Guwahati Tourist Express among others.

This should be noted that the cancellation of the Guwahati – Silchar Express, which is heavily relied upon by residents of Barak Valley to travel to the heart of the state, has left many questioning the sudden surge in airline ticket prices. With rail services disrupted, air travel has become the only alternative, leading to exorbitant ticket costs ranging from Rs. 9000 to Rs. 16000.

Similar circumstances were witnessed during the 2022 floods, when rail connections were severed, resulting in inflated airline ticket prices.

As the people of Silchar grapple with the disruption, they are urged to reschedule or adjust their travel plans accordingly, particularly if reliant on rail transport to exit the valley.

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