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Players with the Most Man of the Match Awards in IPL

The Indian Premier League is renowned for its high-octane matches and star-studded rosters. Among the various accolades, the Man of the Match award is a significant recognition of individual brilliance. 

Given the intense competition, securing this award repeatedly is no small feat—unless, of course, you’re one of the cricketing elites who seem to collect these awards like they’re party favors. For those betting enthusiasts at YYY Casino, these players often turn out to be the safest bets.

Here, we explore the top players with the best match performer awards in IPL history. Spoiler alert: they’re good at cricket.

AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers, often hailed as “Mr. 360” for his versatile batting, holds the record for the most Player of the Match awards in IPL history with an impressive 25. He has an aversion to mediocrity and a knack for showing up in style.

Achievement Details
Man of the Match Awards 25
Teams Delhi Daredevils, Royal Challengers Bangalore
Iconic Innings – 133* off 59 balls vs. Mumbai Indians, 2015 – 105* off 54 balls vs. Chennai Super Kings, 2009 – 79* off 47 balls vs. Gujarat Lions, 2016
Special Skills – Ability to play 360-degree shots around the ground – Exceptional fielding and wicket-keeping skills

You’d think he’d share some of the spotlight, but no, de Villiers prefers to hoard Man of the Match trophies like they’re limited edition collectibles. 

His legendary status is cemented by his ability to adapt and dominate in various batting positions and match situations. His performances have not only won matches but also the hearts of cricket fans worldwide—because apparently, he’s just that good.

Chris Gayle

Not far behind with 22 the star match performer accolades is the vivacious West Indian Chris Gayle. Teams like Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore have benefited greatly from Gayle’s soaring sixes and furious hitting. His dominance of bowlers and capacity to alter the outcome of matches has made an everlasting impression on the IPL.

Achievement Details
Most “Man of the Match” Awards 22
Teams Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kings XI Punjab
Iconic Innings – 175* off 66 balls vs. Pune Warriors, 2013 – 117 off 57 balls vs. Kings XI Punjab, 2015 – 104* off 63 balls vs. Sunrisers Hyderabad, 2018
Special Skills – Unmatched power hitting – Ability to demoralize bowlers with towering sixes

Despite his laid-back persona, Gayle’s performances are anything but relaxed—unless you’re counting his strolls to the boundary after hitting yet another towering six. His ability to turn matches on their heads has ensured his legacy as one of the most entertaining and formidable players in IPL history.

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma, the skipper of MI, has bagged 19 top player awards. This guy is like the secret sauce in Mumbai Indians’ winning recipe, blending sharp strategic moves with rock-solid batting. With Sharma at the helm, Mumbai Indians have racked up IPL titles as if they were collecting stamps.

Achievement Details
Man of the Match Awards 19
Teams Mumbai Indians, Deccan Chargers
Iconic Innings 109* vs KKR, 2012 79* vs KXIP, 2019 68* vs CSK, 2015
Special Skills Tactical captaincy, sharp mind Anchoring innings, finishing matches

Sharma’s got this knack for making cricket look like a walk in the park. Whether he’s steering his team to a sneaky win or just smashing the ball out of the stadium, he’s got it covered. It’s almost unfair how he blends impeccable timing with pure strategic genius—he’s like the James Bond of cricket, but with a bat instead of gadgets.

David Warner

Sunrisers Hyderabad have relied on David Warner, who has won 18 “Man of the Match” honors. He is one of the league’s most feared openers because of his aggressive batting style and knack for scoring runs early on. Warner has been instrumental in his team’s game preparation from the very beginning.​​

Achievement Details
Most “Man of the Match” Awards 18
Teams Sunrisers Hyderabad, Delhi Daredevils
Iconic Innings – 126 off 59 balls vs. Kolkata Knight Riders, 2017 – 92* off 50 balls vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore, 2016 – 90* off 58 balls vs. Chennai Super Kings, 2019
Special Skills – Explosive opening batting – Ability to build innings and set up high scores

For those who enjoy a flutter, Warner’s name frequently comes up in betting circles at YYY betting website, as his performances often make for safe wagers—not that we’re suggesting you spend your hard-earned cash, of course.

MS Dhoni

The legendary Chennai Super Kings skipper, MS Dhoni, has been named Man of the Match”no less than seventeen times. Dhoni has a reputation for being cool under pressure and a master finisher.

Achievement Details
Most Man of the Match Awards 17
Teams Chennai Super Kings, Rising Pune Supergiant
Iconic Innings – 70* off 34 balls vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore, 2018 – 84* off 48 balls vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore, 2019 – 51* off 20 balls vs. Mumbai Indians, 2012
Special Skills – Ice-cool finishing in tight situations – Exceptional leadership and tactical acumen

Dhoni’s approach to the game is the epitome of composure and precision. Whether it’s his tactical decisions as a captain or his finishing prowess with the bat, Dhoni consistently turns the tide in favor of his team, leaving fans and opponents in awe.


These players have been the gold standard in the league, thrilling spectators and leaving an indelible imprint on IPL annals. On the field, they consistently outperform everyone else, as if harboring a personal hatred against mediocrity. They seem to be the only ones who have received the message, so watching them is like being a spectator at a cricket masterclass.

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