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Esports Tournaments: The Biggest Events of the Year

Entering the year 2024, the esports scene is booming with exciting tournaments for a wide range of games. With world-class teams, enormous prize pools, and spectacular moments in gaming, this year’s tournaments are sure to be a treat for fans everywhere. 

Aside from the obvious fact that esports forecasts are as accurate as a chocolate teapot, the betting circles in the Raja567 app are also buzzing with speculation about which team will upset the odds. 

From die-hard strategists to complete novices, these tournaments attract an eclectic crowd with their feverish passion and action. They’re more than simply games; they’re epic stories playing out in real-time.

2024 Esports World Cup

Riyadh, the site of the 2024 Esports World Cup, is destined to become one of the most prominent events in the arena of electronic sports. This competition will feature a varied audience and competitors from all around the globe, thanks to the wide range of games it showcases. 

Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dates July 4–August 25
Administrator Esports World Cup Foundation
Tournaments Supervised ESL
Number of Events 22 in 21 esports
Purse $60 million+
Website esportsworldcup.com

The city of Saudi Arabia is known for its opulent atmosphere and cutting-edge infrastructure, which should make the event an unforgettable one for spectators and athletes. Esports are becoming increasingly popular around the world, and Riyadh’s plans to host big events highlight the region’s rising profile in the industry.

Featured Games:

  • Dota 2: Prominent throughout the tournament with multiple events highlighting its strategic depth.
  • Counter-Strike 2: A staple in competitive FPS, offering intense tactical gameplay.
  • League of Legends: A global phenomenon, its matches are among the most watched and followed.
  • Fortnite: Known for its broad appeal and dynamic, ever-evolving play style.
  • PUBG: Battlegrounds: Continues to draw large audiences with its survival-based mechanics.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III: A new iteration in the renowned series, expected to bring fresh dynamics to the competition.
  • Rainbow Six Siege: Notable for its team-based strategy and precise execution requirements.

The 2024 Esports World Cup isn’t just about gaming prowess; it’s also a cash bonanza with a prize pool exceeding $60 million—the fattest ever in esports. 

There’s $20 million for the top club performers, $33 million scattered across various game championships, over $7 million for qualifiers, and a nifty $50,000 for each MVP. Basically, playing well could make you richer than you dreamed!

The International 2024

Set against the historical and modern backdrop of Copenhagen, The International 2024 promises to be a landmark event in the Dota 2 calendar. Known for its staggering prize pools and intense competition, The International gathers the best teams from around the world to battle for the title of world champions.

Game Dota 2
Location Copenhagen
Dates September 4–15, 2024
Administrator Valve
Host(s)  Denmark
Venue(s) Royal Arena
Teams 16

The International 2024, also referred to as TI13 or TI 2024, is the 13th iteration of Valve’s annual Dota 2 world championship. The tournament will see 16 teams competing in Copenhagen’s Royal Arena to claim the Aegis of Champions. Here’s how the teams qualified:

Direct Invites. 

Six teams secured their spots early, rewarded for their strong performances throughout the year (Team Spirit, Xtreme Gaming, Team Falcons, Team Liquid, Gaimin Gladiators, BetBoom Team)

Regional Qualifiers.

  • Western Europe: Entity, Tundra Esports (2 spots)
  • Eastern Europe: 1win (1 spot)
  • China: Team Zero, G2.iG (2 spots)
  • Southeast Asia: Talon Esports, Aurora (2 spots)
  • North America: nouns (1 spot)
  • South America: Heroic, beastcoast (2 spots)

The diverse lineup at The International 2024 highlights the global nature of the event and the vast talent pool across continents. And for the Raja567.io bettors, it adds a fun twist—because nothing spices up watching a game like a little wager on your favorite team, even if it’s just based on a hunch!

2024 League of Legends World Championship

Esports fans can look forward to the 2024 League of Legends World Championship, a competition for the popular online battle arena game. This year is the fourteenth installment of Riot Games’ League of Legends World Championship, an annual worldwide event.

Sport League of Legends
Location Germany, France, England
Dates 25 September–2 November
Administrator Riot Games
Venues 3 (in 3 host cities)
Details Berlin (play-ins, swiss stage), Paris (quarterfinals, semifinals), London (finals)

Direct Qualifications:

  • LCK (Korea), LPL (China), LEC (EMEA), and LCS (North America) will each send three teams directly to the Swiss stage.
  • The regions of the winner and the next best performer at the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational gain an extra slot in this phase.

Play-in Stage Teams:

  • Pacific Championship Series: Top two teams from the 2024 Summer playoffs.
  • VCS (Vietnam): Top two teams from the 2024 Summer playoffs.
  • CBLOL (Brazil): Split 2 champion.
  • LLA (Latin America): Closing playoffs champion.

This structure ensures a diverse representation from global competitive scenes, reflecting the international appeal of League of Legends. The tiered qualification system adds dynamic tension—because nothing amps up the drama like an underdog’s unexpected win or a top team’s stunning defeat. It’s the esports equivalent of reality TV, but with better strategic gameplay.


Missing from our spotlight are the electrifying arenas of the Overwatch World Cup and the FIFA eWorld Cup, to name just a couple. Beyond the adrenaline and the strategies, let’s not forget the golden opportunities these tournaments provide for betting. 

A word to the wise: betting can turn these events into quite the profitable playground, assuming your predictions are as sharp as a pro gamer’s reflexes!

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